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12 Alternative Desserts

Now a days, people automatically assume a wedding cake is required. Let me tell you a secret - nothing is required on your wedding day. You get to make the call! So although we love a beautifully designed wedding cake, here are some alternatives you can consider.

  1. Donut wall

  2. Individual cheesecakes

  3. Cake pop tower

  4. Desert shots with multiple flavors to choose from!

  5. Cupcake packaged togo

  6. Assorted Macaroons

  7. Waffle bar with all the toppings

  8. Ice cream sunday bar

  9. The desert cocktails

  10. Well decorated cookies

  11. A candy bar

  12. S'mores at the table

Talk to your catering team. They will be thrilled to know you want to get creative and show off their skills. Please note just because you decide not to do a cake, does not mean your desert will cost any less. Sometimes you may get lucky but do not go down this road if that is your motivating factor- you will be disappointed.

You may be considering these options if you have dietary restrictions, want a unique option, or simply do not like cake. Some people like to send people off with a desert as the favor to munch on during those midnight hours pos reception. That is great too!

Whichever option you choose, make it uniquely you!

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