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Best Wedding Hairstyles

In deciding the best wedding hairstyles, it can be overwhelming with all the options. We highly suggest having a consultation with your hairdresser at least 1-2 months prior to your wedding date. While you are scrolling through Pintrest finding your perfect style - remember these tips!

1. Picture Perfect

Although those beautiful curls are dreamy, be sure they do not cover your face when you are profile. Your photographer will be taking your photo from every angle. Be sure we can see your face. Take photos or a video at your hair trial to be sure it photographs well.

2. Dance the Night Away

Pick a style that is beautiful for the ceremony but also comfortable for you to dance the night away. Many brides go for an updo or half up in order to fit their preferences.

3. Have it All

It is possible to have two hair looks with the right stylist. If you loosely pin up the beautiful curls for the ceremony, you can let your hair down for a dramatic fun effect at the reception. This will require for you to have a hair station and stylist ready at the venue for the change. The bridal suite is a great place for this. Just remember to a lot the time needed for this transformation in your timeline.

Photo Credit : @nicolekirshnerphotography

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