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Expect the Unexpected

On your wedding day, you should feel calm and at ease. When you have a wedding planner thankfully this feeling is easy to achieve. But even if you don't have a planner, here are a few things you can prepare for on your own.

1. Have an emergency kit.

I give all my clients custom mini emergency kits in addition to having my large stock available for the couple. Each kit includes the things you might need such as safety pins, razors, nail care, togo stain remover, mints, and so on! this is a great resource as you are getting ready as well as during the reception.

2. Have a Rain Plan

As much as we all can hope for the perfect weather on our wedding day, sometimes it is not always the case. In choosing your venue, be sure to ask for a rain plan. This is essential in your planning process. Note: when it rains it is usually cold. A tent may not be enough to keep you and your guest comfortable. Fire code regulated heaters may also need to be in play. Please clarify this detail with your venue before booking.

3. Don't Forget the Kids

Your beautiful flower girl did so well for the ceremony but now she is tired and it is time for bed. Instead of just having her parents leave early, have a babysitter ready to entertain and care for kids. Some venues will even have an appropriate separate room for pack and plays and toys. This is a courtesy you can discuss with the parents prior to the date.

Another option is have a goodie bag or activity for all the kids as they arrive to the reception. This will keep them occupied while the parents enjoy the day.

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