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Have A Rain Plan

Did you know it is actually good luck if it rains on your wedding day? A Hindu belief states that when you get married you "tie the knot". When a rope is wet, it is more difficult to untie the knot and therefore more difficult to unravel your marriage. So do not cry when rain unexpectedly shows up the morning of your wedding. Embrace it!

Keep your rain plan in mind from the moment you pick a venue. You should be asking your venue "what is your plan of it rains?" Some venues are prepared and have just as magical of a setting for your ceremony as the outdoor garden would be. Other venues simply put up a tent. Make sure you know before you sign your contract.

Some people often take the location of your wedding seriously when talking about outdoor weddings. A destination wedding to the southwest can be unique and magical with a far less chance of rain basically the entire year. Be married on a cliff, in the middle of a national park, or at a beautiful resort. The options are endless and will be sure to be memorable for you and your guest. Our favorite locations include Snow Canyon and Zion National Park in Utah!

Let's say you are doing a backyard wedding and short of having a tent, you really don't have any other rain plan option. To prep for the possible rainy wedding day, here are some items I suggest ordering.

  1. Clear bubble Umbrellas

  2. Cozy blankets for guest to keep warm

  3. Pashmina scarfs as favors

  4. Cotton hand towels

  5. Cute signs and tags to label your rain plan items

  6. Bride and Groom rain boots

  7. Rain Ponchos

  8. Custom mugs/ hot cups for tea and coffee

You can get many of these items on Etsy and Amazon for a great price. Don't skip this part and just cross your fingers. Your guest will thank you for being prepared!

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