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How Do You Get People To Attend?

I was invited to speak at a lunch and learn for the Downtown Milford Business Association. The room was filled with professionals who are responsible for the events and programs within their respective companies. The seminar went so well that I have decided to give you a sneak peak of what you missed!

One question that came up in today's seminar was "How do I market my event?" I LOVE this question because many people often forget that your event starts when the guest receive their first invitation. An event is more than just a one day ting you show up to, it is an experience from start to finish. So do not skimp on the details!

So how do you market your event? Well start by knowing your audience. I plan events for 9 year old and 99 years old and everything in between (Nope, I am not kidding.) Knowing your audience and having them buy into your event will be key. You may have a great idea but if your attendee's do not think so, then who cares. Before you start advertising your event, spend some quality time with your attendee's. Get to know their communication style, profession, lifestyle, etc.

Once you know this, follow this event zip code: 642211.

6 months - save the date

4 months - registration/ RSVP open

2 months - full schedule of events available

2 weeks - highlight a featured aspect of your event. Be smart in what you choose.

1 week - have a "New" addition to your event advertised. You may be holding onto a secret.

1 day - reminder email with date, time, location, and itinerary

With the right graphics and planning, your event will surely catch peoples attention. This zip code of events will be just enough information without over doing it.

Hope this helps you plan your next event!

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