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O Baby, Baby!

Sometimes you have more than one love of your life. In addition to your partner, you have this beautiful newborn baby you just can't imagine not being part of your day. Here are some helpful tips on how to incorporate newborns into your wedding day.

I recently had twin girls and my whole world turned upside down in the best way possible. As my husband and I were married over COVID, we haven't yet had our glamorous party. As we are replanning our big day to incorporate all the new changes in our life, how can we not have the beautiful flower girls be a part of it!

Many couples mainly want the newborns in the wedding for the photos. Having a professional family portrait while everyone is dressed to the nines - I mean how could you not. In order to make sure your baby is photo ready time out the photos with the baby right after they have eaten and are well rested. You will be have a good 30 min to get happy baby photos with the Mr. and Mrs.

You need a dedicated hired babysitter for the entire day. Not a family member or a friend, hire a sitter. You want everyone to enjoy the day so just as you hired a DJ, hire a sitter. Preferably one you are familiar with and have worked with prior to your date.

Have multiple outfits ready. Newborns are unpredictable so have multiple acceptable photo outfits on hand just in case things do not go quite as planned.

After the ceremony, let baby go home with the sitter to get a good night sleep. The last thing you want is your newborn at the party during witching hour. You also may not want your newborn with a big crowd and loud music.

Lastly, expect the unexpected. You may plan everything perfectly but day of, baby girl is just not having any of it. Don't get upset. Just accept that maybe it is not best for your newborn to have all the activity today. It is ok, you can always get family photos another day.

At the end of the day you are now one big happy family and that is what truly matters!

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