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Should You Use an E-invite?

A recent trend is to send your save the dat or invitation as an e-invitation. Via email people are creating their own invitations and sending them out for basically no cost in most cases. Should you do this? Let's unpack it together.

An e-invitation is usually the option people choose when the fancy stationary is just not in the budget. One couple recently said to me "it is just paper, it is going to get thrown out anyway." Although everyone is going to have a heavy opinion on this - you should always do what you want!

What I do find acceptable is an e-invitation save the date. Simple and effective to let people know that you are planning your wedding and you would like them to be a part of it. Digital invitations can also be used just for the follow up to collect the RSVP. I do see couples who do a combination of digital and stationary invitations in order to cut cost but also not loose this special detail.

Another argument made for the e-invitation is that it is a green option. Couples today are very aware of the waste an event can create. For the couple who would like to do their part in limiting the use of paper, an e-invitation is an option. I will say though you can be green without forgoing the classic stationary invitation.

One of my favorite unique invitations are made from flower seeds and 100% recycled paper. Simply invite, water, then grow! Here is a vendor who offers this option if you are interested. The designs are beautiful, cost effective, and unique for your quest to experience.

At the end of the day - IT IS YOUR DAY. If you simply can not afford the fancy stationary or just want to spend that money in other areas of your wedding then utilize the e-invitation. If you need a professional invitation design that you can print on your own, send me an email. I am happy to help!

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