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Wedding Send Off Tips & Ticks

You are now Mr. and Mrs. and ready to go off to the honeymoon! We have seen some great send offs in our time. Here are our top 4 favorite was to send off your happy couple!

Sparkle Away!

A classic sparkler send off is a staple. The pictures always come out amazing especially when you are having a backyard wedding. You can get creative and have your photographer shoot the group from high up and have your guest make a heart around the happy couple. (Make sure you have enough lighters and a bucket of water on hand just in case.)

Paper Lantern Wish

Send off the happy couple with a personalized touch. Have your guest write a special wish for the bride and groom and send it to the sky for it to come true! We love this romantic touch to really bring your wedding to the next level. A good wedding favor is to do personalized matches that they can then use for this event.

Ring the Bells

This DIY is great for an indoor or outdoor send off. Have a stick with a bell on the end. From the bell, tie ribbon in your wedding colors. The ribbon works best for pictures when they are longer. Approximately 2 to 3 feet is a great length. Your guest will ring their bells as you walk through the clouds of ribbon .

Bubbles, Bubbles, Bubbles!

A bubble send off is great when done correctly. In addition to getting personalized tiny bubble wands for your guest, make the moment spectacular! Lets be honest, this send off is a moment is fun for you to experience but also produces great pictures. Go all out and add a bubble machine to the moment! The variety in bubble size and the consistency will make the atmosphere just that much more special for your pictures.

70% of couples use the send off photos for their thank you cards after the wedding. So why not make the moment magical. Let your send off be a staple of the event, not an after thought.

If you need help creating a personalized send off that will be picture perfect, contact Irene + Co Events today!

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