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Who's Wedding is it Anyway?...

Once you share the big news of your engagement to family and friends, it is no doubt that they are just as excited as you! From dress shopping, to planning, to the day of- family and friends can be the best support system. But how much is too much?

I hear of brides say all the time "whatever mom wants" or "we have to do this because my sister said so." It can be challenging balancing family expectations and what you want for your wedding. Here are a few tips to help you navigate this sticky situation.

1) Be Vocal But Respectful

Everyone means well but sometimes it is all just too much to handle. When presented with an idea that gives you a gut reaction or seems overwhelming simply answer " That is an interesting suggestion. Let me think about it some more before we make a decision." This will give the individual who is overwhelming you with "suggestions" or "demands" a nice hint that you hear them but at the end of the day this is your decision.

2) Limit Your Planning Committee

When you are planning your wedding and people are constantly interjecting their opinion, it can be challenging to think straight. I recommend choosing 1 person at most who is allowed to participate in planning meetings with you and your spouse- if that. This will limit your risk of not being heard or constantly having to remind others who's wedding is it.

3) Establish Guest List Rules

As much as you would love to have all 400 of your closest friends, family, your moms friends, your dads co workers, the second cousin you haven't spoken to since you were 7, and so on... be realistic on what YOU would like to see happen. There are many aspects to consider when planning your guest list such as cost, venue capacity, and personal experience. Establish your expectations prior to creating the guest list. That way when people ask you why you choose to invite Betty but not Susan, you can support your decisions with facts that can not be argued. There will never be a solution that will make everyone happy. You have to stick to your guns on what you decided and ask others to be respectful.

4) Don't Share To Much

You want your wedding to live perfectly on that day. Sharing too many details prior to the big day may solicit unwanted opinions or expectations. To avoid this, share what you are comfortable with others but keep most details between you, your spouse, and your planner.

5) Speak Freely About How You Feel

When the going gets tough, you should be able to confide in your spouse freely about what you are feeling and why. Do not keep it bottled up. Doing so may result in an unwanted blow up of frustration the week of your wedding. That is the last thing you want as a bride.

I hope this helps you navigate your wedding planning this season! Remember, Irene + Co Events not only offers full service wedding and event planning but we also offer phone consultations. This is a great way to make sure you are on track and answer any questions you may have as a DIY bride. Contact us for more information! 407-927-4778

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