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First Wedding Planner in America on TEDx

Updated: Apr 15

Hey there, wedding enthusiasts! Exciting news: Irene recently graced the prestigious TEDx stage, sharing her pearls of wisdom on "planning your perfect day". 🌟 Yes, you heard it right! Irene, our seasoned wedding planner, took the spotlight to offer expert advice for all to thrive on their special day and beyond.

But wait, what exactly is TEDx and what does it mean to give a TED Talk?

TEDx events are independently organized local gatherings, licensed by TED, where live speakers share innovative ideas in their communities. These events cover a wide range of topics, from technology and entertainment to design and beyond. They provide a platform for speakers like Irene to spread their ideas and inspire others.

Now, imagine standing on that iconic red TEDx carpet, sharing your insights with a captivated audience. That's exactly what Irene did! Giving a TED Talk is not just about delivering a speech; it's about sharing an idea worth spreading, one that has the potential to ignite change and spark meaningful conversations.

Curious to learn more about Irene's TEDx experience and the insights she shared? Dive into the full interview and exclusive release on Zion Brides Magazine. 📖 Get ready to glean some insider tips and tricks straight from Irene herself!

But wait, there's more! Irene's captivating TED Talk isn't just limited to the stage – it's now available on all TED platforms. 🎤 So whether you missed her live performance or want to relive the magic, you can tune in anytime, anywhere.

And guess what? For those itching to peek behind the TEDx curtain and learn more about Irene's journey, don't miss out on the special feature on the Peak Perfection Podcast, available on Spotify. 🎧 Get ready for some backstage insights and exclusive stories!

So, what are you waiting for? Join Irene on her TEDx adventure as she continues to inspire and uplift couples on their journey to marital bliss. 💍✨



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