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Pricing & Packages

Full Service

Wedding Planner and Designer

Irene + Co Events is a full service wedding planner and designer. A wedding planner expertly designs and plans your wedding day for you. 

With experience doing weddings in Utah, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Massachusetts; we are dedicated to guiding our clients with a steady balance of head and heart through their weddings and milestone events. 

Every element, from the finish of the flooring to the hand of the linen draping, is carefully composed. We want our couples to look back at their weddings 15 years later and feel that their wedding was timeless.

We work with the finest vendors in the business. Whether it be floral design, photography, entertainment or catering — our planning approach includes regular creative discussions with each vendor to ensure your wedding is one-of-a-kind. 

Investment starts at $7,000. 

*Travel fees may apply

Wedding planner Utah Irene + Co Events

60 Day Coordinator

You have all the details and design figured out,  but now you just need a team to double check your work, give you professional advice, and execute your wedding timeline. We can provide you a team of 2 on your wedding day to make this happen.  

Irene + Co Events requires a full interview and review of the status of your wedding prior to determining if you are eligible for this service. 

Investment starts at $3,000. 

*Travel fees may apply


We understand you may be looking for someone to ask questions, get advice, and look over just one or two details.  We are happy to schedule a 1 hour zoom consultation to help you problem solve.

Investment starts at $150 an hour. 

*Travel fees may apply

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Wedding planner Utah Irene + Co Events
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Wedding planner Utah Irene + Co Events
Wedding planner Utah Irene + Co Events
Wedding planner Utah Irene + Co Events
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Office Locations: 
Utah, New York, and Connecticut

Tel: 407-927-4778

Mon - Wed: 9am - 6pm​​ MDT
Thursday CLOSED
​Friday, Saturday + Sunday: By Appointment Only

Thanks for contacting us! We will email you back with in 48 hours.

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