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Photo Booth Options

I love a photo booth as much as the next person, but did you know you actually have more options than you think? Don't just stick with a Polaroid camera in the corner of the room - make a memory!

360 Photo Booth

Do it like the Oscars! a 360 Photo Booth is a digital option that will text the videos to your guest! At the end of the night you usually will have access to all the photos as well via email. This set up makes such a fun experience for you and your guest. It will take up about a 12x12 ft space so be sure your venue can accommodate that. Here is a sample from a wedding we did in 2022.

Classic Photo Strip

Remember the 2000's when you would got into a photo booth at the mall? You can get a company to bring that magic to you. It is always fun to have a physical photo strip of you and your friends. Some companies will go the extra mile and design the photo strip with you so it is unique to your wedding. A cute touch is adding a bookmark sleeve for your quest to put the photos in so they can keep it forever.

Live Red Carpet Treatment

Hire a photographer, have a super lovely customized backdrop and have your guest walk the red carpet as they enter cocktail hour. A bonus if you get a few photographers so it really feels like paparazzi. Here is one we made for a personal viewing party of the Tony Awards!


The backdrop is what will make your guest participate. It is not an afterthought. Invest in a design that will fit your wedding style. Your wedding planner should certainly guide you.

Live Character Artist

Instead of photos, have an artist available for your guest to have a portrait done. This unique option will definitely surprise your guest and add a bit of nostalgia. And if you can imagine, this option is sometimes cheeper then renting equipment.

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