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Choosing The Perfect Florist

Picking the perfect florist. The time has come, you have the date, you have the venue, your vendors are slowly starting to fall into place and now you need those beautiful blooms that are going to tie your whole day together.. It's time for a florist. Rachel from The Floating Dahlia shares her advice!

(Photo Credit: Apollo Fields Photography)

Now, If you are a DIY bride and decide to take on the challenge yourself, power to you. I personally believe that as a florist, and a bride, you should ALWAYS hire a professional to bring your vision to life. But, how to pick the perfect florist?

First, aesthetics. There are a lot of wonderfully talented florists out there. Honestly, one for every bride. You want to see what his or her vibe or aesthetic is. Check out their instagram, view their website, read reviews of past brides, see what kind of work they are producing. For example, If you are a traditional bride; someone who likes lots of flowers (maybe hydrangeas and roses), little greenery, designed in a tighter more round design, and you find a whimsical

boho designer using mostly dried goods and grasses, you may appreciate his/her work for how beautiful it is, but it is more often than not that your aesthetics will not match. You will want to find someone who is posting work that is more in the traditional sense. (Photo Credit: Nick Cinea Photography)

Second, Personality. Every Florist is here to help create the perfect wedding day. This is one of the most important days of your life, and we are here for it. We want to be a part of that magic. So when you meet with your florist you want to make sure your personalities are a fit. I have always become close with my brides and grooms by the time their wedding day rolls around. They know they can call me with anything and I am there for them! We share some of the same interests. heck! Even dietary restrictions! it all makes for a more shared relationship. I think this is a beautiful thing.

(Photo Credit: Madison Abbey Photography)

Which leads me to Trust. You need to trust your florist fully. The Pandemic has proven that nothing is certain anymore. The flower industry has taken a huge hit; with billions of flowers originally thrown away, whole farms turning their fields and shutting down, worker shortages, and then transportation issues getting them into and around the country. Sourcing flowers has truly been a nightmare. That means a lot of designers aren’t offering specific flowers, but rather visions and textures that suit their clients personality and aesthetic. So! If you build a relationship with your florist and if you have full trust, he/she will make sure your day will be everything you dreamed! You can build a whole wedding based on color palette and aesthetic and know that the day of your wedding, your flowers will be totally “you” and absolute perfection. The biggest compliment I receive from my couples is “You literally pulled the vision I had in my head out and made it a reality” — And this is the result of finding the perfect florist for you!

Photo Credit: Steve Depino Photography

(Photo Credit: Beet & Blossom Photography)

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