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Interview with Coconut Girl #womanonamission

Updated: Feb 21

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Coconut Girl’s mission is to inspire other strong women and by doing so, we love highlighting other inspirational women entrepreneurs. 🙌 Introducing Irene + Co Events (@irenecoevents)! 🌺 Describe Irene + Co Events in 1-2 sentences. “Irene + Co Events is a labor of love! We create, detail, and design events in Utah.” 🌺 What was the breaking point that made you the woman you are now? “I’m a Latina making my own path in this world. When I was the youngest only female in a boardroom, I knew that I needed to keep going as this needs to change in our society. In addition, I struggled in school and was made fun of by teachers and classmates. Their words never left me and made me want to prove them wrong everyday.” 🌺 Think about a time when you were younger & scared. If you can go back and hug yourself, what would you tell your younger self? “Be patient: your success will come sooner than you think. Keep hitting the pavement and don’t lose your moral compass.” 🌺 What inspired you to start your business or career? “I knew what I was capable of but had trouble finding a job that would take a chance on a young Latina. So when all the doors closed in my face, I built my own door: Irene + Co Events allowed me to travel the country and plan weddings, conferences, and personal occasions. I gained the experience needed to land an Executive position as a Social Event Director for a residential community.” 🌺 How did you tackle a fear that held you back from your dream? “I’m very bad at grammar and spelling and no one ever let me forget it growing up. I did my best but had to overcome dyslexia. My confidence built over time with the ‘fake it til you make it’ tactic. I asked more questions and wasn’t afraid of looking dumb. Nobody’s perfect and our flaws are our story.” Thank you Irene for taking the time to participate in our #womanonamission project! 💕 📣 Are you a #womanonamission or know someone who is? Let us know by sharing this post and tagging her in the comments!

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