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Wedding Website Options

I am loving the trend to have a customized wedding website. It is almost like starting the party a little early! There are many ways to create your wedding website but here is our favorite options for you to choose from.

Uniquely You

Designing a custom experience is my specialty. Although you can certainly just get a template and fill in your information, there is something special about having a unique website. I create personalized wedding websites for all my full planning and design couples and al a cart clients. Just email me!

Wedding Wire

Out of the popular template options, Wedding Wire is my top choice for the very organized couple. The RSVP feature really helps your guest respond quickly to their save the dates. I would however create a custom link to put in your invitation as a long typed out link is not so elegant on an invite. I have even seen a customized QR code printed on the back of the invitation to make things easy and still classy. (I can make them for you, just call)


From a design perspective, Minted has many options that are just cute. From clean, crisp & modern designs to a rustic lace - there are many options to choose from. In addition, you can get your stationary to match your website which is a must!


This is a lesser known company but I do really love the platform and how they present themselves. With Joy you has so many options to choose from including your own wedding app. It is not as intuitive to navigate and set up but the end result is great.

No matter what platform you choose to create your wedding website, remember you have to keep up with it. Managing the registry, RSVP, hotel information, day of events schedule, and other details need to be accessible to your guest. If you started making your website and just are overwhelmed by all the little details you need to keep track of, give me a call. I would be more than happy to help you al a cart.

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